thanks. a6
thanks. a6
thanks. a6
thanks. a6

thanks. a6

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a thank you book
  • ~75% recycled ingredients
  • made in cork
  • blank
  • 56 pages, 140 gsm cartridge (UK paper, 80% used coffee cup)
  • softcover paperback
  • ~A6 size - 140 x 100 mm
    original recipe

    our method of tape-binding allows our books to lay flat so that each page can be used fully.

    books are best when they're full of ideas.

    have we met before?

    we choose papers that are made using fibres collected from used consumer goods such as coffee cups or food waste fibres.

    risograph printed

    we use a risograph stencil-duplicator to print our notepaper with inks based on rice oils

    fluorescent pink is best.

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