have we
met before?

recycled paper, lay flat, notebooks

not so bad

even if we do say so ourselves

keep it

32 page copybooks
new in


recycled & irish made

our notebooks are

handmade in co. Cork Ireland

from recycled paper

custom label. a5
onwards & upwards. a5
get **it done. a5
you're great. a5
from €19,00
thoughts & ideas. a5
blank. a5
dots. a5
lines. a5
square grid. a5
planner. a5
city sunrise. a5
mizen. a5
the lookout. a5
allihies. a5
ireland -

north, south, east & west

our 2023 collection brings together images from all over ireland, all 'printed with restriant'

sea | land | street

this new collection features the imagery of Kinsale based photographer Matthew O Donovan whose images of misty Irish days compliments our textured paper and our principle to print with restraint


sometimes less is more and simplicity the hardest thing to come by

our new range of copybooks are not very complicated - simply a 32 page processor

made in Cork

high-quality, low-impact, Irish-made stationery
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