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badly made books...are rubbish

badly made books is a book factory & print studio in Togher, Cork City. 

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we are designers & makers of recycled paper stationery, creating irish-made stationery containing a minimum of 75% recycled material. 

we like post consumer waste.

we like papers made from used coffee cups.

we like materials containing byproducts; unwanted textile fibres, scraps of wasted grape and corn.

we like all by-products - in our papers and in our inks too. 

we like our risograph printer which uses rice byproducts as a base for its inks.

when things aren’t recycled we don’t like to use them so much. 

we like restraint; printing with restraint & consuming with restraint. 

we like second-hand machines. Though we hate when they break down. We like to repair. 

we don’t like making mistakes but we learn from them. We learn that we should allow ourselves a margin of error because perfection is not just impossible but too costly to chase.

we like what we make, we use what we make.

born in dublin, made in cork

the story of badly made books...

coming soon