recycled paperbacks

after numerous prototypes, misprints & mistakes the frist badly made books were made in Dublin 8 in 2015 by illustrator and designer Seán O Sullivan who originally wanted to start publishing picture books but instead, after developed his own method of binding books began producing notebooks.

our books are tape-bound, paperbacks that we say are handmade with machines - we blend technology and handcraft to create a very analogue and tactile product. the studio & workshop has been based in Cork since 2017, opening at 1 friar st. in 2019.

we try to use the best of ingredients - our original recipe combines recycled paper, staples, tape, handcraft & machine efficiency to deliver our fresh-baked books.

today we have both our Togher based workshop & studio as well as our shop, based in our old Friar St. workshop overlooking Cork city centre.

we are a team of 5 book-makers, printers, designers & illustrators who badly make books for a day job.

who we are

sean, sadhbh, riki, elize & enda

designers, makers, illustrators, artists & readers

badly made books
...are rubbish

>75% - 99% recycled

future focused notebooks

post-consumer waste

we choose papers made from other things.

paper fibres can be reused and repurposed. our main notepaper is made from used coffee cups and all our favourite papers come from secondary materials, have post-consumer waste ingredients or at the very least contain a little dash of industrial by-product.

use me...

as designers & artists ourselves we like to think of our books doing a little more than just sitting on a shelf. whether its for writing, drawing, planning, scheming, doodling, list-making, wedding planning, confessing, or whatever you do best... a notebook is at its best when its well used.

we love seeing our books in the wild and hope they're being used to assist all the best creative ideas currently brewing.

handmade w/ machines

our workshop combines both hand craft and machine accuracy in the creation of all of our products.

the first tools we used were knives, spoons and rolling pins but its a bit more serious these days with collaters, stitchers, creasers & guillotines all of which help us with the various processes required to make a notebook.

the heartbeat of the workshop is in its makers - in their hands and experience. each book is bound by hand at our Togher-based workshop.

1 friar st. cork

visit our former workshop to see our full selection of stationery, books, cards, totes, pirnts & artwork.

tuesday - saturday | 10am - 5pm

badly made books... are rubbish