on recycled paper

all good food is made from good ingredients,
our designs are no different. the nature and
texture of recycled paper makes it the most
important part of operations.
our main notepaper is 140gsm cartridge paper
made from used coffee cups. this is a UK-made
paper from James Cropper Paper Mill that has
been the main notepaper here at badly made
books since we first started making notebooks. 
we compliment this paper with a paperback
cover from both Fsc certified & post-consumer
waste recycled cover option in our 75% and
more recently me have also introduced papers
from the Favini mill in Italy which, though from
further afar, have a higher recycled content.
their 120gsm notepaper is more suitable for
fountain pens & writing, it is made from 100%
recycled fibres.
with this notepaper used alongside our existing
stock of 100% recycled cards we create the
Favini's range of Crush & Refit paper's, made
from agri-business byproducts comes in many
food-waste based shades form off-white grape 
to flecked wool black is our first range of recycled,
coloured cards and forms the base for the books
used in pre-industrial press and 93% recycled range. 

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