& printed with restraint

& printed with restraint


This is the principle we have adopted when it comes to our digital printing of covers. In our workshop we make use of canon printings and therefore ink cartridges. It allows us to create high quality and waterproof prints, but this is also the one step in our process that produces plastic waste. With our printing principle, we aim to use as little ink as possible and with that create as little waste as possible. We keep this principle in mind when we design and choose the imagery for covers. Often leading to creative design solutions to keep within the printing restraint we have set ourselves. Here less is always more. 


The Pre-industrial Press

Modern advancements also come with the modern problem of high waste production. As part of our printing principles, we looked at printing’s past for solutions, in particular letterpress printing. Letterpress printing began in the 15th Century and over the centuries the techniques have grown and developed where we can now have a small Adena Letterpress in our workshop. Letterpress printing has opened an area of printing for us to not only be experimental but where we are able to create book cover designs with not only minimal ink but minimal waste. 

All of our printing, along with all our production in on in our Cork City workshop

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