we like recycling

For the majority of our products we use Seawhite cupcycled paper. The process of cupcycling was developed by James Cropper paper manufacturers in England. In it, the previously non-recyclable single-use coffee cups are collected and baled. The plastic lining is removed and recycled while the remaining fibers are used to create new paper. We use this paper to create our lay-flat notebooks.

Another supplier we use is the Italian paper mill Favini. Their Shiro Echo range of paper is made from 100% recycled paper fibres using both pre and post-consumer waste. Pre-consumer waste means offcuts from and trimmings from within the factory itself while post-consumer waste consists of paper collected from home waste sorting and waste trimmings from companies that process paper.

We also use Favini Crush and Refit papers which use agro-industrial and textile waste, such as corn cobs, cherry stones, cotton and wool, to reduce the need for virgin cellulose from trees during their production.

our waste

For our part, our own paper waste is seperated with the finer waste being collected by Ecocel - a cork based, environmentally friendly, insulation producer, who recycle newspapers and other paper waste to create a cellulose insulation used in homes and offices.

zero waste ideas

We also try to use up as much of our own waste paper as possible, large orders are packaged and protected using our misprints and other waste paper from our workshop while misaligned covers are turned into cards and bookmarks in an effort to put as many of our mistakes back to work for us as much as possible

We also have begun making use of other people's mistakes too, such as Cork based artist Emma o Hara, who’s misprints and off-cuts have found a second life as limited edition or sometimes one-off book covers.