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the storyboarder - for illustrators, movie-makers and more. 
risograph printed in fluorescent pink with 6 squares for storyboard creation on one page and a note-taking page with dots and blank space on the other. 
  • ~75% post-consumer waste
  • recycled notepaper from used coffee cups, 56 page sketchbook
  • tape-bound book opens flat
  • designed, printed & made in Cork City 
  • mint paperback printed cover
  • ...
  • cartridge paper (140gsm) made from used coffee cups (80%, UK)
  • paper packaging only
  • dimensions:  280x200mm

badly bound

lay-flat design

badly made books ...are rubbish

our favourite ingredient is waste so we choose to use papers made from recycled and post-consumer waste materials.

paper fibres can be found in many industrial by-products and other waste products including coffee cups. by using recycled materials we hope to reduce the stress already placed on global forestry.

we choose to print our notepaper using a risograph duplicator; a method of printing that uses inks made from rice production by-products

our papers

handmade with machines

we started making books (badly, at first) with a good idea and little know-how. through a process of trial and error we refined our design eventually becoming producers of basic tools for writers, doodlers, list makers, scribblers and anyone who wants to collect their thoughts & ideas

our workshop combines new and old techniques, mixing hand and machine process to offer craft standards at an industrial pace - always with a focus on getting the most out of good materials

our story

printing with restraint

paper is a fully recyclable material however the infrastructure required to print is unavoidably plastic-based and wasteful.

we aim to use as little ink as possible. we design & choose imagery under the principle, that today more than ever, less is more.

we do all of our printing, binding and distribution from our city centre workshop at 1 friar st.

fact or abstract

what we do & why we do it

about us

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