storyboarder. a4
storyboarder. a4
storyboarder. a4
storyboarder. a4

storyboarder. a4

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  • ~75% recycled ingredients
  • made in cork
  • 56 pages, 140 gsm cartridge (UK paper, 80% used coffee cup)
  • softcover paperback
  • ~A4 size - 280 x 200 mm
  • risograph printed in fluorescent pink with ink from rice oil
the storyboarder - for illustrators, movie-makers and more. printed with 6 squares for storyboard creation on one page and a note-taking page with dots and blank space on the other. 


we choose papers that are made in Europe using fibres collected from used consumer goods such as coffee cups or food waste fibres.

post-consumer waste materials contribute to the circular economy and lessen the impact of consumption.

give these goods a second chance.

use less ink

printing w/ restriant

we look to create our look using imagery that require less ink to print. luckily the texture of recycled papers looks quite like a cloudy irish day.

originally a constraint our printing with restraint policy has become a big feature of our design.

risograph printed

we use a risograph stencil-duplicator to print our notepaper with inks based on rice oils

fluorescent pink is best.

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