our story

the name badly made books refers to the very first books that were made by seán o sullivan in 2015.  having begun illustrating a story called the polar bear on the roof seán began learning how to make books through trial & error - a process of experimentation (lots of mistakes) that culminated in the unique badly made design.

many badly made books later this attitude of experimentation is still alive and well.  we make books and paper products of all shapes, sorts and sizes, having learned that our one core product is infinitely variable and only limited by imagination.

today our workshop - located in Cork city centre - manufactures and distributes recycled paper books all over Ireland and internationally.  we still use our original recipe and the same ingredients but we combine these with all the experience of having made umpty-million books in the intervening years.  today the term badly made books has finally taken on the irony originally intended. 

nowadays our notebooks ain't half bad and we continue to explore the best way to manufacture products without demanding too much of the natural environment. our design, material choices and production processes focus on creating high-quality / low-impact products.

we choose to use recycled and post-consumer waste materials, processed by hand and second-hand machinery to reduce the embodied energy cost of our whole operation.  our books range from containing 75 - 99% recycled materials, we print using inks made from rice production by-products, papers made with food & textile waste fibres and also papers made by recovering fibres from used coffee cups.

at badly made books we don't like to mess around with words like perfect & best. In fact we lean into the idea that we are all imperfect, and that includes our notebooks.  we want to be a company worth existing who makes products work keeping.